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Technology is our strength

But also, something that not everyone likes: honesty and transparency.
That's why we're professionals and for years we've been looking after our clients' businesses.

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Who are we?

We are specialists who can, with the help of technology, realize almost every dream and idea. Since 2009, the beginning of the company's establishment, we have been involved in programming, designing, coding websites, portals and applications that improve the functioning of our clients' businesses.


As the first in Poland, we became the official partner of MeteorJS. We create startups, we are precursors and we love the Lean Startup and Customer Development methodologies. We know a lot of technologies and we know which one will be most suitable for you.

Meet us

Cat In Black Software House is located in the Lodz Special Economic Zone. You can always come to us for coffee or have an online meeting to talk about your business.
Call us: +48 512 483 112

Talked about us

Awards and honourable mention

Startup Poland
European Startup Days
Pioneers Festival
Startupy w Pałacu
Economic prize of the President of the Republic of Poland
Strong in Business
Startup Europe Awards

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We approach the tasks entrusted to us with great enthusiasm. Each implementation is preceded by a long conversation so that together we will work out a fully satisfactory plan of action and so that the solutions we provide are what you and your business need.

We focus on education

In addition, that we educate ourselves continuously, we try to make our contribution, to educate other, was the greatest. We help young entrepreneurs through free classes in selection of technology, marketing, sales and UX. We are helping foundations and associations.


Throughout duration of the project you have an insight into the process of its implementation. On request, we give you access to the repository with application, to the project management system, and project manager care. You can see what we do and on which issue we are working in this moment. You have also access to the documentation. We Regularly prepare reports on the project time-consuming and its current costs.

We love to talk

We love to talk about our work, also when we meet socially. That is why we love to talk about the project with our customers. You can come over for coffee, send an email or call us. We are also available on Slack and Skype In case if we were not available, you can leave us messages 24 hours a day.
Call us, let's talk: +48 512 483 112
Adam Trojanczyk, CEO

That's how we work

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Software House Cat In Black

(+48) 512 483 112 Adam Trojanczyk, CEO
Adam Trojanczyk
In the case of ongoing projects:
(+48) 690 561 365 Maciej Sielecki
Maciej Sielecki
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