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Progressive Web App

A web application that works like a mobile.

Up to 90% lighter than native applications, and an amazing increase in user engagement.

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What is the application?

Internet applications, also known as web applications, are the most popular business solutions in the modern world. This software works in the client-server model. This means that it is installed on the server, and customers (users), using the Internet, connect to it with mobile devices, desktop computers, and laptops.

This type of software can be created for any purpose. However, companies focus on creating business solutions that are designed to sell a product or service, provide entertainment to the client, or solve his problem.

A web application or a dedicated mobile application?

According to ComScore, 80% of the time that users spend on mobile phones is dedicated to using native mobile applications. The remaining 20% of the time is spent on browsing the pages using mobile browsers. However, when we look closely at the statistics on the use of the application, the mentioned 80% of the time users spend on applications related to entertainment, that is social media, music, games and video content. The same research, however, shows that web applications adapted to mobile devices have 2.2 times more unique users per month than native applications.

This means that the best solution for business is still web applications, PWA, responsive, adapted to mobile devices, which allow a quick and easy way to interact with our clients and users.

Which application for your business?

We are a group of specialists who will not only prepare an application for you but also help you choose the right technology and tools tailored to your needs. We will suggest which solutions work best. Regardless of your requirements, we will help you find optimal solutions that will translate into sales, development and allow you to gain a competitive advantage.

Evaluate your project

The best quality code

In our work, we follow an important principle - our code must meet the highest standards and requirements. Each element of the application is tested and checked in terms of quality, safety, and possible performance problems. We will design the application from the very beginning to the end. We will create its appearance, explore paths that users will navigate, create all functionalities and select appropriate elements that will have a significant impact on the conversion and satisfaction of its users.

Transparency you need

Working with a software house such as the Cat In Black is based on mutual trust and transparency. At every stage of implementation, we inform about the progress. We care about building partner relations.

Good practices when creating applications

All our implementations are based on the good practices given by Google (link: We know the importance of customer experience is in contact with the brand and what UX is. If we create web solutions, from the very beginning we put great emphasis on the elements that affect the appearance of your tool in high positions in the search engine.

In addition, we will help you choose the right server infrastructure to meet all security, software and performance requirements. Some applications, especially those related to large calculations and processing of a large amount of data, may require dedicated resources, solutions that must have higher computing power.

Progressive Web App.

In recent years, changes related to Internet traffic coming from mobile devices are very visible. This huge increase we experience is associated with the fact that mobile users expect smooth switching between mobile (native) applications and their favourite websites. As a result, designers and developers must constantly maintain applications for various operating systems, and separately with the website and web application.

The powerful and supported by Google and Microsoft PWA (Progressive Web App) concept, comes to help solve these problems. It's nothing more than creating a web application that runs as a regular website. It gives the impression that we use a dedicated, native mobile or desktop application.

The main advantage of this application is, among others, the use of such solutions as push notifications, operation in offline mode, or easy "installation" on the phone's desktop. However, this is not all. PWA is a combination of an internet application with a mobile application. On the one hand, we can work offline and, for example, remember the order basket, on the other hand, we do not need to enter the address in the browser, because our program is installed, and it takes up much less space than traditional native applications.

Adam Trojańczyk

CEO of Cat In Black Software House (a software house that builds awesome apps). He was employed by the largest digital agencies. He is also the founder and CTO of Tap To Speak (the award-winning worldwide application).

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