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Progressive Web Apps, PWA, apps

Everything you need to know about PWA

The behavior of Internet users is changing, trends and habits are changing. Mobile devices have burst into our daily lives...

Specification, design, valuation

How to prepare the specification for the project

The initial form of documentation of the future IT product is the specification of the project, describing its basic features, assumptions, and objectives. Its preparation is particularly important in the case of solutions with a large scope, whose correct implementation is very important for the company's operations.


Programming, IT projects, application costs

Fast, cheap, good - reasons why IT projects have their price

In every creative work, the following factors influence the quality product or service: time, money, quality.

Software house, cooperation, outsourcing

How to start cooperation with software house and what to pay attention to when choosing one?

The number of software houses that have various achievements and tempts with their offers is constantly growing on the market. However, not all of them will be the right partner for us.


Outsourcing, programming, IT projects

Why internal IT projects fail

It does not matter if we work with a team of 5 or 50 people, this way of thinking and analyzing speaks for this group of specialists. In addition, there is one more thing.

CTO, technologies, programming

CTO role in a team and why it is worth to hire one

In recent years, the ways of running companies have changed significantly. The technological evolution that is happening before our eyes has a huge impact, not only on our private but also on our professional life.


Relationships, people, sales

People buy relations

We completely forget about how important relationships are in our lives, and how important it is to regard our clients as our friends.

Marketing, startup, social listening, sales

Few words about marketing in a startup

When I started working in Tap To Speak, I did not know what I will exactly do. Soon it turned out that everything and that was the most wonderful thing.


Meteor, NodeJs, technology, mvp, MongoDB

Meteor is not dead. In fact, it's quite all right

The choice of the right IT solution is a key aspect of programming. It's "to be or not to be" of our businesses. Both in a corporation and in a small startup at the beginning of its path.

A startup, building a company, brand

How to grow a startup

Probably you've often thought about starting your own business. You'd like to make money, take on unlimited work time, go on vacation several times a year, reach for the fame and wealth.


http2, apps, website speed

How to speed up the website or application using the http2

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application protocol for distributed, collaborative, and hypermedia information systems. HTTP is the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web. Current HTTP definition is located in RFC 2616.

Business, talks, startup, negotiations

How to talk to a big player when you are very small

Shyness does not allow us to take appropriate steps that can change the course of our lives or business. We perceive ourselves as completely different than others perceive us, and it is through this error that we are not able to go beyond the scheme and try something new.


Communication, business, tech startup, MVP

From concept to completion of the project in 10 months

Tap To Speak. The tool based on a web browser, which allows for communication between the speaker and the conference participants in real time. Changes their smartphones in microphone, so you do not have to pass it among people in the audience. A year has passed since we’re working on our product.

Startup, entrepreneurship, business, small business, Lean Startup

A few words about startup

As you can easily see, a startup has become very popular and fashionable word. Anyone who starts the company says that he does just that. Despite everything, I believe this word is misused. Not every company is a startup, and not every startup is a company.


JavaScript, Meteor, Meteorjs, NodeJs, reactive

Real-time web applications

Take a look through the window and see the world around you, full of information, images, words and other content. Now imagine that you’d have to refresh the view to see something new.

Startup, MVP, Lean Startup, prototype

Building a Minimum Viable Product

Looking at the market it can be said that many startups ignores reality. They are trying to postpone the inevitable — the moment when their business has to mature, make a profit and become a real, sustainable company.


Meteor, Rails, technology, coding, software house

Why do we go in the Meteor direction and we want to be like Ninja in it

New standards and expectations inspired us to seek alternative solutions for Rails, (that for many years have been our flagship tool of work) which will become an inspiration for us and improve the speed of the development.

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