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Comunication, business, tech startup, MVP

From concept to completion of the project in 10 months

Tap To Speak. The tool based on a web browser, which allows for communication between speaker and the conference participants in real time. Changes their smartphones in microphone, so you do not have to pass it among people in the audience. A year has passed since we’re working on our product.

Startup, entrepreneurship, business, small business, Lean Startup

A few words about startup

As you can easily see, startup has become very popular and fashionable word. Anyone who starts the company says that he does just that. Despite everything, I believe this word is misused. Not every company is a startup, and not every startup is a company.


JavaScript, Meteor, Meteorjs, NodeJs, reactive

Real-time web applications

Take a look through the window and see the world around you, full of information, images, words and other content. Now imagine that you’d have to refresh the view to see something new.

Startup, MVP, Lean Startup, prototype

Building a Minimum Viable Product

Looking at the market it can be said that many startups ignores reality. They are trying to postpone the inevitable — the moment when their business has to mature, make a profit and become a real, sustainable company.


Meteor, Rails, technology, coding, software house

Why do we go in the Meteor direction and we want to be like Ninja in it

New standards and expectations inspired us to seek alternative solutions for Rails, (that for many years have been our flagship tool of work) which will become an inspiration for us and improve the speed of the development.

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