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In the case of technology, constant education is necessary as this field is rapidly developing.

Agent Janek

Continuous education

Standing in place, you can quickly lag behind. That is why we are constantly educating ourselves. We have gained experience, among other things, working for companies from various sectors. We learn new methods and solutions and we want to share them with the client. As pioneers who were the first to become the official partner of MeteorJS, we can not only reach for the already known options, but also have the courage to go new routes, not cut by other companies.

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Why is it worth it?

By establishing cooperation with us, you can count on understanding and necessary support. Because we learn and learn all the time we will provide you with the necessary support in the field of technology, design and UX, we will help you choose the right technology and implement in way allowing to maximize the benefits of a given solution.

Kamil Mazerant

New Business Development and Agent John alter ego in Cat in Black Software House (a software house that builds awesome apps).

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