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In every enterprise - in a corporation, in a medium-sized company, as well as in a startup - using the technology you can check the product.

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Minimum Viable Product is a product as well as a service, offer or program that is ready to be launched on the market. Such a product is enough to show its value to a potential customer, and help the entrepreneur introducing it to the market to measure customer interest.

So what is the difference between MVP and the finished project? MVP is a "sketch", thanks to which we focus mainly on the overall quality of the project, instead of on the details. We want to release the product that is suitable for the first sale at the lowest production cost or to check whether such a solution is needed in the company and whether we want to invest in the project further. If not, we will not spend a lot of money by introducing an unnecessary solution to the market. If so, all you need to do is fine-tune the details and we have ready, full application or service. These changes can be made based on the first opinions of users, thanks to which we will provide them with the services they are actually looking for in our application.

Application of MVP

The main goal of MVP is to collect as much information as possible at the lowest possible cost. Thanks to this, you can check whether the idea makes sense at all and whether it is worth introducing a given product or service to the market. Thanks to MVP, we will allow you to gain a huge advantage over the competition using the classic approach.

Evaluate your project

Or maybe a traditional method?

The traditional method requires conducting market research, logistics, production, marketing, sales, customer service and many others. Such actions are always very expensive and do not guarantee success - not every final product is very popular, which means that all the actions taken can often cause big losses. MVP will provide you with the opportunity to save time and money and allow you to conduct consumer surveys on a specific product, application or service.

The product minimally ready

We know that in the case of an enterprise, it is important to get all the information you need with the minimal cost. This does not mean inferior quality. Thanks to this you will be able to find out, without suffering losses, whether the customer likes the idea and whether he will be willing to use the proposed product or service in the future.

Wyceń swój projekt

Market research and reality

Market research or price tests are not always able to give a reliable view of what the client expects and how much money he is willing to pay for the offered service. For this, you need the right tools. Often, there is also a need to minimize costs, increase productivity or solve problems that arise in the meantime. As part of our business, we will help you implement the best solutions in your company.

Not only with the new product

MVP is a tool that we offer, which is ideal for testing more complex elements. It works in a situation where you do not have a large group of customers or traffic. MVP can be used to test new ideas, but also to check new applications of the already known product and to check new sales methods. MVP is a great thing to carry out A/B application tests - that is, to release two versions of the program or interface, and check which version will appeal to customers more.

Quick prototypes

Rapid prototyping allows the extensive use of system prototypes to test and check capabilities in every design stage. Thanks to this, you are able to solve problems that arise during production, as well as find more favourable alternatives. Prototyping may concern both prototypes of hardware and software solutions. Such a solution proposed by our company means testing prototypes on a regular basis. The results obtained with this method can be immediately used to make decisions regarding particular stages and to make decisions in subsequent phases of work.

What is a quick prototyping?

During this method, it is necessary to determine the environment and the method of creating rapid prototypes, as well as to indicate the group of people responsible for testing the prepared prototypes. Designing appropriate tests that will let you get reliable results requires a lot of programming skills. This means that you need to choose a trustworthy company with experience. We will help you carry out rapid prototyping, whether it's about simple systems or more complex environments. We know how to choose the environment for prototyping and how to proceed so that the testing results provide the necessary data to take specific decisions and select the most beneficial design solutions. The impractical solutions obtained as a result of tests or not providing adequate functional values will be rejected, and only those that have passed the usability test will remain.

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