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Creating real-time applications in Node.js

Node.js is an advanced platform that we use to create web applications.

It is characterized by the possibility of constant expansion and allows to build applications in JavaScript.


How does it work?

Node.js is an environment that allows you to build applications in JavaScript, not only on the client's side but mainly on the server side. It uses the "Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine", and that is why building the application is incredibly fast. Node.js is much faster than Ruby, Python, or Perl.

can be found wherever you need an application that consumes relatively little cache, which at the same time operate based on real time.

Node.js - Why is it worth trying?

The environment gives you the ability to handle thousands of simultaneous connections with the minimal workload for a single process. In addition, using the same language on the server and client side minimizes the risk of different data structures and errors. As the simplest example, you can specify a function to validate data in a form that looks exactly the same on the client and server side. Thanks to this, we avoid unnecessary problems.

The strength of this environment is a huge community, constantly creating new modules and solutions. Thanks to that, you can quickly adapt them to the project we are currently working on. The Node structure, of course, does not require them to be entered, although this process significantly reduces the time required to program a specific application, which is very important when building an MVP.

Try it today!

For applications made in Node, scalability is not a problem. So if you're planning "future-oriented", Node.Js will be just right for you!

Adam Trojańczyk

CEO of Cat In Black Software House (a software house that builds awesome apps). He was employed by the largest digital agencies. He is also the founder and CTO of Tap To Speak (the award-winning worldwide application).

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