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Creating light and modern frontend applications in React.Js

React.js it's a convenient library of JavaScript language.

It is used to define graphical interfaces that are part of web applications. An interesting fact is that the person responsible for creating it is Jordan Walke, one of a Facebook programmers.


React.js - Why is it worth trying?

React.js is a declarative, efficient and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.


A characteristic of React.js is the modified JS language (JSX). It is a specific addon for JavaScript, offering the possibility of directly inserting HTML elements into the code. In this way, we reduce the number of unnecessary characters, simplifying the code of our program. The perfect solution for building huge internet applications in which data is changed regularly.

React.js gives a high level of flexibility and maximum responsiveness. This solution is extremely light because the data displayed on the user's side can be easily and at the same time also represented on the server side.

Where to find React.js?

This library is used by the most popular web applications, such as Netflix, Imgur, Gamepedia, Walmart and PayPal. So why do not you try to join the best?

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CEO of Cat In Black Software House (a software house that builds awesome apps). He was employed by the largest digital agencies. He is also the founder and CTO of Tap To Speak (the award-winning worldwide application).

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