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Programming in Ruby On Rails

Create very powerful internet solution and tools.

Ruby on Rails (also called ROR) is an extensive framework designed for fast and convenient development of web applications.

Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails genesis

Ruby on Rails is a framework created by Basecamp authors – a world-renowned application for agencies to contact with their clients. Developers from the 37signals company noticed that writing in pure Ruby is monotonous, and a large part of the code of individual sites is repeated frequently. Deciding to create their own technology based on the Ruby language, they introduced a few changes that were designed to increase the enjoyment of writing applications. They include eg.:

  • introduction of the convention DRY (“Don’t Repeat Yourself”), avoiding repeating the same job in different places,
  • rule ”Convention Over Configuration”, consisting in bringing the necessary configuration to a minimum by replacing it with ready-made default recommended patterns,
  • the possibility of using ready-made extensions that instantly expand applications with various functions, such as user login, scaling, image editing, etc.

Why is it worth creating applications in RoR?

Saving the programmer's time (in Ruby, everything is based on object-oriented programming). This translates into faster delivery of projects! Very easy configuration (e.g. by adding completely new libraries), thanks to which we have the opportunity to quickly expand our application with additional features.

Try it today!

Ruby on Rails was released in July 2004 under the MIT license for absolutely free. Since then, the RoR community has grown to sky-high sizes, which is a great advantage of this technology.

Based on this system, many popular web tools have been created, for example, Twitter. Join the best and take advantage of the potential of Ruby!

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