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We offer a range of services in the field of production of websites or portals.

Thanks to cooperation with large clients, such as international corporations, we are able to meet any challenge. We will help you complete your project in a way, that will bring you the most benefits.

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Website - why is it so important?

Nowadays functioning without a website is practically impossible. The Internet is currently the best source of information. Visitors learn about a company’s offers while online. When presented with the right offer, they will purchase on the first visit. Your website is your company's showcase. Unlike a physical retail display, it can effectively promote your products to many audiences, growing your business.

A properly designed website will allow you to make the company better perceived by customers, what will translate into the better prosperity of the company. Well-designed websites build visitor trust, a relationship that converts visitors to customers. They also help reduce advertising costs and the inclusion of any amount of information on the website - there are no restrictions, as in the case of traditional media.

Global reach gives the opportunity to reach a wide audience all over the world, and the company's offer on the website is available around the clock, so that the customer can decide at any time to purchase a product or use a specific service.

Websites and sales funnels

Websites offer a huge field for promotion and sale. They can be used to create a sales funnel, which allows you to effectively develop your business and achieve greater profits. All users visiting your website gets to the sales funnel, but not every one of them will take advantage of the offer. Therefore, it is necessary to take appropriate measures that will allow you to move the internauts to the next level of the funnel, and in the final analysis, will make them benefit from the offer.

Reaching the goal

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to choose appropriate means and methods that will attract the attention of the potential buyers and then encourage them to buy a product or use the service. We help to create websites that will attract customers, offer them valuable content combined with an aesthetic visual layout and encourage them to continue contact with your company.

Process automation

A website is also a way to automate processes, which in turn saves time and money. In the case of a website, automation can consist in generating content tailored to the interests of customers, mailing to customers, granting discount coupons, as well as assigning customers to price groups.

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Customer service

In every company, it is also necessary to provide effective customer service. This issue can also be largely automated, to save time and improve business operations. However, automation of processes is much more – it also includes booking payments, payment reminders or handling complaints, as well as many activities related to logistics.

Applications - what are the benefits?

An important aspect of the company's operation are also applications. They will allow you to get even more sales and maximize profits. Applications are a package of benefits, including an important element of the marketing campaign. They also enable better communication with the environment and reach an even greater number of clients. They improve the functioning and also make the company more competitive. Thanks to the applications, it is possible to improve the quality of service and thus ensure the higher customer satisfaction.

It is also a way to improve the process of submission or execution of orders, better operation of the communication process and the possibility of immediate response to a given situation. The application guarantees saving time and money and reduces operating costs. What is the most important – the number of application uses is as many as the needs of entrepreneurs. This means that we can create an application tailored specifically to your needs and expectations.

Adam Trojańczyk

CEO of Cat In Black Software House (a software house that builds awesome apps). He was employed by the largest digital agencies. He is also the founder and CTO of Tap To Speak (the award-winning worldwide application).

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